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Looking for a community to join?
I am the Owner of a newly built server/ community Called SLGRP! (Sweet Life Gaming) We are a new community to fivem (Built from a few older communities), We have seen it all, and we are doing our best to make an awesome server with stuff for everyone! I have seen lots of good and bad within other servers, And I want to help YOUR experience on FiveM get better!!!
We are looking for more people to join us!!!
We have a server side trainer that we use (vMenu) And we have lots of scripts and other items,

Such as:

We are looking for members for all departments, ITS EASY!!!
(No stupid long applications)


Have any ideas to help us get bigger and better? Throw down some Ideas, Open to anything!!
We have Custom Police, Fire/EMS fleets for our community!

Other items we have to offer you:
Chat commands
Custom Police fleet ( Custom liveries & Ghosted liveries)
Custom EMS/ Fire vehicles.
(Will be adding in civ vehicles soon!) - PS, Open to suggestions as to which ones!
Hospital script!!!
Fire script :wink:
Fuel (Like every other server)
& Lots more!!!

If you have any questions or interested in joining our community, You are more than welcome to join our discord : https://discord.gg/UwSSvrH

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!
Hope you join us!

SLGRP Owner:

Message me on discord if you have any questions, Or join our community!
I will be happy to help!



You want people to join ur server maybe put a working link