[SWE] Ostergotlands Finest Roleplay. NEW SERVER



Finally is Ostergotlans Finest RP up n running again!:smiley:

We are looking for Swedish people to join our community and play on the server. We are hiring people to police / ems and other whitelisted jobs. So if you are Swedish jump in to our discord and then to the server and play and have a awesome time!

The server is NOT whitelisted right now, but in the future we will whitelist it.

We have some custom scripts and some custom cars.

Whitelisted jobs: Police,Ambulance,Taxi,Mechanic,Realestateagent,Bankman,Cardealer,Bartender,Lawyer.

Not whitelisted jobs: Slaughterer,Fisherman,Miner,Lumberjack,Reporter,Tailor,Fedex,Security,Wine grower,DHL,Garbage man.

You can go to the bar and buy a beer and get drunk, aswell you can buy a joint and get high if u want to do that haha. You can go fish by the pier and go hunting in the woods.

But yeah, join the community come in and play and have a awesome time!

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/5xdRzkJ

Servername: [SWE] Östergötlands Finest RP! https://discord.gg/QRw6GF2. Hobby fiske/Hunting/festa/droger/. Köp husdjur. Aktiva admins.