Suddenly my cars, textures and addonmaps stopped working


Uhm, I have a problem to stream cars, textures and addon maps. It has worked before and just one day when I was working on my server my police cars didn’t spawn with the texture I have on them. The prison I have don’t work and my police gates. I looked in resmon in my console ingame and it said that on everything that I’m streaming a “?”. I can see everything start in my server console on startup. If there is someone that can help me. Send me dms on discord krx#0070 or just type to me here!

I haven’t changed anything in the files.


From what I have heard, people’s cars, scripts, etc have stopped working due to the recent FiveM update but last I heard they were working on a fix, but I could definitely be wrong! Hope this helps! I know it can be anoying!


The issue i was having with mine after the update was stuff having a space in the file name IE “drag strip.ymap” and so on.


Ah gotcha!