Streaming gameconfig.xml to server?


Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to stream gameconfig? I had been testing the newly common Ymap Streaming and after having alot of ymap’s streamed I start getting pool size errors, well I managed to fix those with the gameconfig but now I want all the other players to get the same effects without having to manually download it.


No, you can’t “stream” a gameconfig file.


alright thanks for letting me know. :frowning: that sucks


make the ymaps have proper streamingExtents that don’t cover the full map, there’s probably a tool to fix extents (codewalker maybe?)


I managed to fix the pool size errors in gameconfig.xml, but now we just need FiveM to change those values

Dummy Object (looks like as of today this was changed to 60000 from 10000 by FiveM default)

probably others too but those were only the two we got when we did our testing


did you even read what he just said? fix it yourself, it’s not FiveM’s fault.