Streamable replace cars doesn't accept handling.meta signed to them with __resource.lua



So we are having a pretty annoying problem with server. Every replace car that we stream on server doesn’t accept the handling.meta that we point to the car. It just takes the handling.meta somewhere else, where it takes that? We don’t know. The server doesn’t have “handling.meta” streamed as a mod atm.
Example when trying to replace ambulance, it spawns and the model is fine but the ambulance just flips instantly even though we have handling.meta in the same “mod” folder for it to use(and it’s modified in singleplayer to work). Same happens with police cars that doesn’t accept their handling.meta to go faster.


files {

data_file ‘HANDLING_FILE’ 'handling.meta’
data_file ‘VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE’ ‘vehicles.meta’


same here, let me know if you have found a fix to this issue


ive found a solution. basically copy and paste these files and run them. change values as u wish ie drift handling like myself .

but you must follow the same format to the letter and spaces must be correct or else ur script wont work.

[RELEASE] Realistic Handling 1.0