Stop putting servers ive never joined in my direct connect

I’m going to consider this a bug even though it’s probably some underhanded method of advertising. It’s so annoying. Nothing more to say.

this sometimes happens to me. not everytime i open FiveM though.

As per the category topic, please add detail to your topic. I know the issue you’re talking about but as it says with the topic;

These should be well-written bug reports, not complaints that 𝑥 doesn’t work.

So I’d suggest editing your post with some detail. For example:

Example you could have


There has been a recent issue/bug that I’ve been seeing in the ‘Direct Connect’ tab of FiveM. It seems that the servers list glitch swapping between many, most of which I’ve never played on before. This has been something I’ve been seeing for a couple of months. Maybe it’s a host issue with a provider? It would be great if this could be resolved. Below are some screenshots of what I’m talking about

(Upload GIFs and screenshots of the issue)

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Well probably not, the servers are switching so fast, what makes it nearly impossible to connect to the server you want to, because it looks interesting or whatever.

I don’t see any function behind it, it is just a bug that should get fixed.

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