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                                    **State Of Law**

State Of Law is a newly created RP server centered around scenarios involving civilians, Police, Paramedics and the Fire Department. Our goal is to make a server for people who would like a roleplay experience on a higher level, without modders, trollers and FailRPers taking the fun away. Being players ourselfes, we understand how it feels when someone destroys a senario, so we would like to do ur best to counter that.

We have decided to block ScriptHookV, so that there will be no more people using troll menus!
And don’t be scared, we have a server sided menu that works almost just as Lambda Menu :)!

There are quite many scripts on the server making the RolePlay more realistic and user friendly. There are still some commands, but we try do make as much stuff as possible menu based. We will keep on updating the resources to make them more user-friendly.

I am certain that there I still awesome resources and ideas out there, that I haven’t thought of, so please feel free to submit suggestions :D!







                                 Fire Department

                                     Gruppe Sechs


These are the skins we have currently.

(We have a couple more, that I don’t have screens of. Sorry :D.)


We have a CAD system hosted on our own domain. It includes a CAD, MDT and NCIC.





We have a forum too, but it’s currently a work-in-progress.
Everything from applications, player reports to suggestions, can be done via our Discord.

Join our Discord:

Our websites:
Forum -

I will also be making a Rockstar Editor advert for this server, so stay tuned :).

I will soon post video guides for the server, Discord and CAD on our Discord.


We are currently looking for staff members.
This doesn’t mean we will accept anyone to be an admin, you have to show that this really means something to you, that you try your best, and that you are somehow good at what you apply for.

QUESTION: Would you like to see a Rockstar Editor edit advertising the server :)?


Pink Guy - Owner of the State Of Law community
Polisbil - Head Administrator
Lurd - Administrator
Hellcat - Moderator