State Of Emergency Role-Play is in need of major help the owners are ruining the server!


Hello everyone State Of Emergency Role-Play (SOE) is now loseing members please do not join thanks.

if you have an issue with this msg please dont bother i have already contacted FiveM admins.

This invite is for fivem Admins only!!!


Hmpf! Hmpf! Hmpf! Hmpf!

Hmpf! Hmpf! Hmpf! Hmpf!

You are using our name.


This msg has been removed by the owner.


no way, you are stealing my members using the same name!


Well, I have to disagree since our server “State of Emergency” boasts a member count of over 25k.


Reported, hunted and you are 12


I’m interested in joining the community I have experience being server developer,admin,cop I was a lieutenant in my last community I also do TeamSpeak/Discord development as well.


you dont want to join,
The server is jacked up rn
people are getting kicked, yelled at, and banned for no reason.ii suggest that anyone else that wants to jain just turn the other way.
have a good day