[SOLVED] F-350 Addon


Can someone make this an addon for me? I tried but the lights would not work and it had no sound, here is the link [Release] Admin/Owner Car! 🚫 it is made by @Kvetz

And the spawn code being owneradmin


It looks like a reskin for the hurks f-350.


It is, I just want it to be made an addon so the lights work and it has sound


Here you go, tested it and it works.



Thanks Lucifer!

[20 Chars]


No worries mate!

[20 Chars]


Sometimes the interior lights and rambar lights do not turn on/work, any fix for this?


Works fine for me, show me,


I usually just restart my server and it works fine


You should also get permission from Kvetz to release it as an addon


I haven’t released anything pal, it is here but not as a release