Social menu wont load resulting in FiveM not starting at all



Hello, when i try to start FIveM the Social club square pops up and little loading wheel keeps spinning and it never loads.
Ive tryed reinstalling FiveM, Cheking GTA V Game Cashe, Uninstalling some files from main GTAV folder (then putting them back) and disabling my firewall, antivirus but nothing seems to work.
I hope you can help. :slight_smile:

This is GTAV folder

GTAV dlc packs

FiveM folder (sorry for those multiple pictures but you have so much stuff there :smile:slight_smile:
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Try removing any mods installed in your GTA V folder.


What mods? Ive had only one and ive tried removing it. Did i missed some file?


Anything that you’ve added to your GTAV directory needs to be removed. You should have a clean install of GTAV before trying to run FiveM.


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