So i need help with carvariations.meta's ASAP!


An exception occurred (c0000005 at 0x1406134ab) during loading of resources:/hcso1/data/carvariations.meta in data file mounter class CVehicleVariationDataFileMounter. The game will be terminated.|

Maybe someone can help me look at it! Thanks



Invalid code in carvariations. Either repair it manually or just copy code from different bug-free vehicle.


do you think you would mind showing me bc i think i have the issue with a few like i dont know what i woul;dd need to repair… and thanks for the tip!


Well, just open any functioning carvariations from other cars (or vanilla Carvariations from GTA folder) and copy that bunch of code you would like. For police cars I use what vanilla carvariations file uses, so the base color (under the custom skin) is black and skin is nicely visible.


You have an open line of code somewhere. Something is missing a < or >

Go through them line by line until you find the code that doesn’t close.


That or his not loading the carvariations properly in __resource.lua


Show us how your __resource.lua looks like @Calles27 :slight_smile:


I have made sure I’m starting the meta, but I will still send I picture ASAP.