Skin_customization shop


I present to you my new script modification,
You can change the skin thanks to a shop (it does not take money) you can help me on this point if you know how,
I put it in download in the description of my video


thanks to for the original script.

next update : - withdraw money


[HELP] Skin bug

Thank you men ! but we can’t download, need the decipherment key for MEGA


thanks bro retry i have change


Thanks bro ^^ i can download now ^^


Dowload link, not good. Can’t Download it.

But in fact, “your” script is just Skin_customization from Ked script that open in the Clothes shop right ? Nothing more, nothing less ?


Yeah i think ^^ but np is good xD. (I don’t try )


yes i change the texte "my new script " in my new script modification


Nice script thanks for realease :wink:


Good but this script is very buggy, the arms exceed on some the clothes !


Just arms to be compatible with clothe


I can open the menu after that i have no idea how to select or valid.
How can say me the buttom for valid please ?


In future, please provide a download link in your post.


Thanks for the release :wink: You should upload to Github or something similar though.


Ok tanks to do for me


Enter on keyboard and A on x box controller


i understand people want improvements on my script it’ll come one day but right now i’m working on IRL projets that require my attention, this is just a minor improvement but thanks for doing it anyway. i’ll do a nice menu with female skin, shops and preview when i can


Y es for sure irl is more important


ked, hope all is well and I don’t mind helping with some leg work labeling categories and component IDs when your ready so you can handle the important work when your ready. Just let me know


If you want to make a list of outfits with the id of the components this would save big amounts of time for me, this is the boring part sadly ^^


Well this is what it’s all about, people in the community pitching in and not just taking these scripts and enjoying someone else’s hard work.
Absolutely I will do my part and hopefully others will pitch in instead of just waiting for guys to release stuff for them…

Let’s all get together with all these scripts we all need for our community’s to make it a more level playing field.