Shutdown the server


My server just turns off when there are more than 6 players on it. I tried to run it on both windows and Linux, everything also. I use ESX, help


That’s your problem, you probably have all the resources in the world added to your server. Maybe remove some?


Hmm we are more that have the issue to be honest, clean servers with barly anything on dos it to.


Are you sure that any resource can turn off the entire server?


Can you actually give logs, config and shit to let others help you? You’re giving minimal information…

And no, I doubt you just because you have ESX your server “turns off”. Shows us what you’re running, and maybe we can help?


Let me say it this way logs are empty, it’s the basic startup log with basic resources thats it.


you seem very reluctant to give so nobody will give you help. as always logs and info are the key, they may look normal to you but to someone who knows how to fix things like this it will give more information than you could imagine.


No, sorry, I just could not answer


CitizenFX.log (135.3 KB)



What server artifacts version are you using? Latest artifacts seem to cause issues for some users. Please try version 561 to see if that works for you.


I used the latter. Today checked with 561, it seems everything is fine, thanks