Shop_vehicle ESX help


Good Morning. I can not buy vehicles in the ESX fivem store. All the information appears, but you can not buy it. Only the reseller job can do this? How do I change the purchase order for all?


Config = {}
Config.DrawDistance = 100.0
Config.MarkerColor = { r = 120, g = 120, b = 240 }
Config.EnablePlayerManagement = true – Change this to false
Config.EnablePvCommand = false
Config.EnableOwnedVehicles = true
Config.EnableSocietyOwnedVehicles = false
Config.ResellPercentage = 75
Config.Locale = ‘en’


Thanks for answering. Yes, I did. The problem is that the ENTER does not work at the time of paying the car. I press ENTER and nothing happens. It’s like he’s set wrong or not set.


Have you checked the Database? Every vehicle need to be in the database.


yes. i enter in shop, select a car, see a car, select buy a car and presse ENTER. But ENTER not found.