Shield and simular stuff


I spawned a shield object and attached it to my arm, however it seems when objects are attached to a person, they loose collision. Meaning they can shot through by others. is there any way to enable collision of an attached object (f4 menu is how I spawned and attached it)



Ye i have seen this script, but it is not currently in the server i am playing in and I am asking if it is possible to enable collision for attached objects.
because like I said, I can spawn and attach shield, but once it is attached it looses collision


Hm. I believe I saw a youtube video about how to attach object. Not sure if it had collisions or not…

If it doesn’t help then honestly I have no idea.


This is exactly what I did before posting my comment. But the problem is that shield isnt bulletproof. Bullets go straight throught like it is not even there, or in other words (object collision is disabled)
And my question was, HOW TO ENABLE IT!


I was just trying to help by looking around for you but since you wanna start typing in caps acting like I didnt read your question (which I did) hint me saying

If it doesn’t help then honestly I have no idea.

then I will just say it isnt possible through the trainer. Question Answered.