Set walking animation vRP

Hello, sorry if the question was already asked but I did not find anything about it so I allow myself to open a post sorry if the subject is not in the right place

I would like to know if movement/walking animation like that (move_m @ gangster @) can work on a VRP server? and if so, where can I find information or some kind of tutorial?

I really did not find anything about it since I was looking for several days.
thank you in advance

Nobody knows ? please

You can take a look at this @Aeglos

great, thanks a lot @Thaisen

Hi ! How do you access it when you on the server ? Thank you !

Edit : I figure it out. Thank you for this awsome script ! If anyone needs help to install it, just put in resources and add it to server.cfg, it will go in your menu. Cheers !

How do you acces? Proton?

Sorry for the long delay, add it to resource folder and then put that folder’s name in server.cfg , it should show now in your phone menu.

Listen to a question, when I do an example animation, crouch like an old man and not the normal walk, how can I solve that, you know?