Server session problem


Since a few days I have problems with my FiveM server. Having done some research I noticed that it was a session problem. Uninitialized session looks like …
As a result, some characters are not loaded, others do not have their money, we get along everywhere on the map and so on.

By checking the console, no error. I only noticed that there was the famous sessionmanager / host_lock print () that was displayed.

AddEventHandler('hostedSession', function()
    -- check if the client is the original locker
    if currentHosting ~= source then
        -- TODO: drop client as they're clearly lying
        print(currentHosting, '~=', source)

    -- free the host lock (call callbacks and remove the lock value)
    for _, cb in ipairs(hostReleaseCallbacks) do

    currentHosting = nil

My question is: Have you ever encountered this problem? If so how did you settle it? A track, a clue? Thank you guys.


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What ??