Server Rating System


This just more of an idea for the Five M Website but could be implemented into the server listing on the actual Five M Program. I personally feel that one thing that the players of Five M, especially newer players have an issue with is finding which server they should play on. With this being an issue I’d like to request/recommend a server rating system for each server/server post. This system should implement a by the people for the people mentality and help newer member separate the servers that may be worth there time and the servers that for one reason or another. This by effect can also reduce some of the toxicity in the #server-development:server-bazaar Posts that happen because someone typed up a negative comment. They can just leave a rating. Now this system can leave room to be abused to which I rebut that there can be different ways to help prevent possible abusers, ideas such as making website ratings be at a specific user trust level and for the actual server listings on the Five M program either a certain amount of Five M Hours logged or having servers be able to sync through the website or some other 3rd thing that I didn’t even know was possible. I feel this idea will help newer servers get out there because they could sustain a higher rating and can also show newer players what others feel about a specific server based on community voting. Regardless of if this actually happens or not I would like opinions by others on whether you think this would be a good idea to Five M or if it is a terrible idea.

Thank you for 5 minutes of your reading time.

-B. Giants


Realistically the issue is the over saturation of the same shit over and over, people have essentially been trying to reinvent the wheel with regurgitating garbage content.

This will likely cause more toxicity and hostility because salty individuals will get their friends to leave negative ratings.

You’re welcome. Consider this as well though, the 5 minutes of reading if it was implimented could take valuable time away from the Collectives efforts to continue the OneSync system which is what every single person (you including probably) are dying for… 64 sloots.


This wouldn’t stop vote brigading, which could easily tank a newer server’s ratings just because some big community with members that have “certain amounts of FiveM hours logged” decided to ask its members to give bad ratings to the ‘big’ bad server.

Even if this sounds like a good idea at first, this has a pretty high probability of going against any good intentions this might have. Toxicity wouldn’t be reduced. On the contrary, it would be elevated (You can see this happening with some third party rating systems online).

But what about the exposure to new servers?
If anything, it could probably get worse. Five or six good ratings from people that actually play in that server would easily get tanked by twenty-or-so negative ratings from some random community that just wants to get players in any means they can.

This would also possibly require staff members to moderate said ratings to make sure no abuses happened there, and the time spent doing that would be better used on actual developments for the FiveM project.