Server only on local and no visible in Serverlist


Hello, i have a probleme with my server. Today i try to launch my server and when my friend try to connect with my ip, the server can’t be found :confused: but when i connect with localhost it works. The server was working one week ago :confused: thx for help

Sorry i think it’s support discussion but anyone answer to me :confused:


Hy, Do you have open your port ? and Check your Firewall


I open my port but for the firewall, what i have to do ?


You need to Check if your firewall allows you to run the server and when you have open your port restart your connexion of your modem


With authorized a program … ?


Ok so now just Open your port 30120 and check if your server is online


It work now thx bro :smiley:


Np ! and Good games ^^ :grin:


I have the same problem
i allow the fivem exe. but still dosen’t work
which folder should I authorize?
doors opens 30120


what did you do ?
I have the same problem
say to me please.