Server down error message



Hey guys, so sorry if I am not supposed to post this in here, but the errir “.” is not really clear on who or how to contact support over this issue.

I have had servers up and running for fivem for over 7 months with no issues at all.
Recently had a kid in our discord contacting players and trying to get them to play on his server, as of last night, our serves have displayed this error message…

Also we always make sure to follow the TOS for fivem and always have.
I also got this message from the person.
Later on while I was sleeping he continued to go around asking players stupid things like

No one on our servers get paid nor do we use the funds for anything other then ( Server costs, website, forums and TS)
If someone can contact me, I would be glad to give our information so you can look into this for us.

Thank you


You can use to contact the team about the blacklisting issue.

Side note; personally I think the error message should state an email to contact and not a “Technical Account Manager”…


Thank you for the fast response


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