Server Blocked, help understanding


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FiveM Error

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FiveM has encountered an error

This server has been blocked from the FiveM platform. Stated reason: This server might be hosted by an unauthorized GSP. You can only host FiveM servers from a (real) VPS/dedicated server from any provider, or from .

If this was added by mistake, please contact with the IP address of your server and proof of authentication with the ‘root’/‘Administrator’ account.
If you manage this server and you feel this is not justified, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details in this window.

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Crash signature: net.dll+1C4BF
Report ID: si-35ba0ef84e8f4d26a0d28793d3d972fa (use Ctrl+C to copy)

Alright so my server was working for a while back and I kinda placed it on hold, now when I’m getting back to it I can’t connect to it as FiveM have blocked it? I don’t really understand this section. What do I need to do more than emailing them the IP and proof of root access, I mean I use ESXi on my dedicated server so I took screenshots of that including the fact that I only have a root account on the vSphere client.

Seems kinda pointless to buy a new host somewhere just so that I can spend more money, I mean I have like 8 different servers on my dedicated server for all kinda of games including a VM that is running all websites, emails, etc. So if u ask me this is completely weird.

But anyone wanna clear this up for me, is the IP, and root screenshots enough to send or am I missing something, and also how do I know it’s been unblocked, what is the ETA from it, like do they message me back if I’m missing something or what?


You only need to send information/screenshots proving you have root access: the desktop, command prompt, etc.

Sometimes they will unblock it without an e-mail back, so check every now and then.

As long as your server is following the ToS, you shouldn’t have to buy a server somewhere else.


Cheers, it should cover what I sent then. I mean it’s not really like I can break the ToS atm since I’m currently just having the server with a friend to script and improve it for the future. It’s not even broadcasting on the internet list atm xD

But none the less, got no future plans on breaking the ToS


What’s your server IP?

#5 - is assigned to the box but the FiveM server is running on Sorry for the late response.


Still not unlocked, it’s almost been 3 days now…


Patience is a virtue, it’s not magic.


Hehe, yea that isn’t my strong suit xD

I’ll keep waiting.


Elements will take a look when they have time, which could take a couple of days/weeks in rare cases. You’re also not guaranteed to have a reply, so check once a day to see if your server is blocked.


Alright, 1 week has already passed and I understand it may take longer. But if you ask me it’s not like the team is being flooded with requests. It’s time to start taking responsibility for the actions you guys took for something wasn’t related to the ban itself. I’ve been checking the blocklist myself just to see how well the ban was done.

I assume there was someone breaking the ToS on the IP range, so the best solution to you guys was to just ban the entire IP block involving me an innocent by stander. Frankly I’m disappointed in the action taken by FiveM to resolve such issue. It’s so easy to find both the owner of the IP’s as well as the entire IP block that said provider is using. Once his or her IP range was blocked it would’ve been so easy for him to buy a new set of IP’s, however, the chance of him or her actually getting new IP’s on the same block is literally 1 in a million, same goes why not report him or her to the abuse department of the provider which I assume was OVH in which would’ve taken actions on them instead of you guys doing it yourself involving other innocent by standers.


Assuming this is still the same IP?

Blacklist Status: Blacklisted!
This server ( is blacklisted for:

This server might be hosted by an unauthorized GSP. You can only host FiveM servers from a (real) VPS/dedicated server from any provider, or from .

If this was added by mistake, please contact with the IP address of your server and proof of authentication with the 'root'/'Administrator' account.

Blacklist status checked at: do, 24-05-2018 20:40:03 (UTC)

I’ve asked the elements to take a look once they’ve got time, but honestly there’s not much we can do about it besides waiting for them to have time to check it. Note that the elements responsible for blacklisting aren’t available 24/7 and, believe it or not, they have lives outside of FiveM.


Yes, that is the IP,

I understand that they have a life outside FIveM, and so do I and I assume you do as well. My point is that while they are so-called “Busy” I spend money on something I can use which I guess none of them or you would do. Kinda like paying for internet while u don’t have anything in your home using the internet, whats the point?

And why all these big bans everywhere, like I don’t get that point. Even my website IP’s are blocked according to the Blacklisted - And if their so busy they can’t wast 5 minutes of their life to answer a unblock request why don’t they recruit more people to help them improve the service…

Oh, and thank you by the way for reaching out to them. Really appreciate that.


I fully understand, hence I forwarded the post.

Probably security reasons, you can’t have a lot of people managing a blacklist. That will cause problems.


Understandable, but still. I was tempted to buy a new set of IP’s, but it seems like the chance of that being blocked is quite big as well since the blocks are done in ranges instead of the actual IP’s breaking the ToS. I’ve had my IP’s for over a year now, and the worst thing I did with them was DDoSing my own internet to see how hard I could hit myself xD


Blacklisting was done based on hosting provider ip blocks, due to the amount of unauthorized fivem hosting providers. Your dedicated server’s ip probably got blocked for that reason.


Thank you for the unblock! Much appreciated!


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