Server accepting donations for in-game perks and benefits


Hi, this isn’t so much a technical support thread as it is me wanting to know where I can report a server that is going against FiveM’s terms and conditions (where servers aren’t allowed to accept donations for in-game perks).

The server is loopholing the rules by setting up a GoFundMe that people donate to, and then those people that donated ‘coincidentally’ receive a whole bunch of money and stuff in-game afterwards. I tested this out myself by donating a dollar to the GoFundMe, and the next day, low and behold, I was 50k richer on the server.

When I questioned the server staff about why I had been given money for donating, they denied everything, and I was banned shortly after (guess they didn’t want to get exposed?).

Where abouts would I report something like this?


Donating and giving ingame rewards is legal, as long the money that is gained from that is used to cover acute server costs.


Ah okay, I guess I was told miss-information then because I was told that no matter what you can’t be given in-game stuff for donating.

Aight, I guess lock this thread up then.

“We cant have donations to gain extra things in game as its gainst fivem policy.”
That’s what I was told a while back, guess they were wrong.


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