Scotch & Iron: The world's best FiveM server*


*voted best by schwim.

Behold another server, one that promises similar gameplay to hundreds of others in the server browser. But wait, there’s more!

We have cars!

We have guns!

We have jobs!

We have bugs!

We have this guy!

Join us as we figure out what in the hell we’re doing. If nothing else, we’ll have a fantastic time breaking things.


Boring details: ESX-based server running a mix of additional resources found on the web. While roleplay is welcome on the server, it is not required. Our goal is to provide an environment that makes players feel welcome and inclined to hang out with each other. We’ve got bank robberies, hidden crates, peds drop cash and more. The development of the server focuses more on fixing and enhancing things rather than adding more broken things.

The server will become what the majority of the regular players want.


Awesome server…love the cars and jobs are actually ones you can make some cash doin.


Loveeee that guy!!! He just gave me a free car and money!! Love this place :smiley:




Landscape, yo.


Those new cars OMGGGGGG bro <3