Saving mods from other servers



Maybe a silly question, but can one save car/ped mods in a resuseable way from a server?

I’ve been a bit of a twit and deleted my server mods resource with mods init I made (cars and peds) but they are from my old PC and I cant get them anymore.

I understand the files are saved in the priv cache clientside, but these are compressed I believe. How does one go about uncompressing these?


If such thing was possible, and public, i dont think private resources would exist. So most likely not possible


I understand your point. I did think it would be a silly question because of the security implications for servers. if someone knows of a discreet way of uncompressing the cache files, I would welcome a PM. I understand broadcasting such ideas may not be best.


Depends who’s side you take, developer/security pov or the (ab)user…
iow: Do you want security, or everything open for everyone?


I am both In this instance


Can’t have both though…


Cars and peds resources? They’re like the easiest thing to make and could be done in minutes.


Its my server that I need to get the mods off for my benefit xD


I think we have different ideas on how quick it takes to mod xD
If no one can help dont worry. Ill close the thread if its too wrong.


did you model them yourself? If not its a near only drag and drop


So you want to get the resources from your own server, but you can’t access your own server? How did that happen?

No it’s not wrong, that’s what discussions are for :wink:


Read the original. I deleted the resources folder that had my mods in it. The server still runs, and the cache files I can still see are there in the priv folder (ytd_hash of mod etc.). I am trying to convert these BACK to useable mod files.


ahh right my bad, misunderstood.


Cant you just re-do them?


I could. But it would take a week + to do them all. hence looking for a simple solution to uncompress the cache files.


Basically, im near positive it isnt possible. If so there would be so many clones of servers like larp that use private guis etc


As far as I’m aware, there’s now way to get the resources back just from the cache. I do recommend in the future having something that backups important files/folders (either on first run or periodically), zips them, and possibly saves them to Dropbox or some other site of your choosing.


Of course. It’s like my ex-girlfriend: Didn’t know I needed her (the mods) until she(they) was(were) gone.