Satellite map 3D


From Handy Kapey
Discord ESX Framework at the section fx scripts

Satellite map 3d server side. start color in your server.cfg at first boot it goes meter a bit of time to load


You didn’t try this, but are putting it up as a release? So that means you didn’t make it and didn’t give credit to the person that did.

Also, you can’t stream the two text files, only the map files. The two text files need to be manually put into the citizen folder by the user.

You should take this down, figure out how to create a proper resource and TEST IT FIRST.

Don’t forget to credit the person that made the map files and give a link to the original download.


Could you use a GitHub or direct download?


Not sure if it matters, other than not being in english, the site was no worse that mediafire to download from :slight_smile:


Yeah its just I don’t know what anything says lol


done :slight_smile: I just added one more link in english


I installed it today because i didn’t have the time to do. It works perfectly
The 1 link it’s the original download
I said From Handy Kapey and more information I added today


Hello I am Handt Kapey and I authorize the sharing of my Map 3d


Thanks you to come there and say what you said.


yes I said that you can share my work with the community


Post a decent print screen please, i need to zoom 200% to see


Don’t worry about it works fine. be happy to use



Thanks mate, nice work to


does this work for his other sytle maps? i want to use the google maps type version


Can’t get the zoom to work, but the map works when zoomed all the way out. Any ideas?


mapzoomdata.meta (1.8 KB)


I have the zoomdata.meta, it’s just not actually zooming. Just goes back to the normal black and white map when I zoom in.

Edit: this is also the serverside vers.


add the mapzoomdata file in FiveM Application Data / citizen / common / data / ui


Oh, okay, beautiful. You’re a legend. Gonna get it in and check it out rn