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Who are San Andreas State RP?

At San Andreas State RP we aim at bringing the best experience for RP you can get. Whether your new to FiveM or a Veteran RP-er looking for a new community we take on anyone from all walks of life.

At San Andreas State RP we have active admins on all the time. Aswell as that we have a very strong Senior management team looking after the community. Our developers tend to check on the server when there is a low number of players on this is so if anything needs fixing it can be done sooner rather than later.

How often do patrols happen?
Patrols happen everyday, however our main patrol nights are Fridays & Saturdays

Is multiclanning/ Dual Clanning aloud?
No, we have communications with other 15 different servers that try to prevent this from happening.

Are there limits as to what people can do?
Yes, these limits are put into place to create a sense of realism, we have community SOP’s and HOD’s
that are all dedicated to running their departments

How do I sign up?
Basically copy and paste the template in the #applications section on discord and fill in the blanks. Easy!

How long is training?
Not very long, We have community guidelines on training where you need to complete your training to a certain level before going out on patrol. But we are not one of those communities that make you do 12 days
of training before you can actually patrol.

Any more questions can be asked over on our discord: | Under #need-help

We are now looking to expand our community and welcome new people to the family. If you would like to join the discord link is posted below


What Departments Do We Have Available?

In San Andreas State Roleplay We Have:

• Los Santos Police Department
• Blaine County Sheriffs Office
• San Andreas Highway Patrol
• Civilian Operations
• San Andreas State Rescue [Needed]
• Communications Department [Needed]

If you would like to be apart of our community and like what you see contact us Via Discord. Or if your interested and want to see what were about then join our server at

Ben S | 1L-18 | CIV-1 - Community Owner {SASRP}


Hi just have a question have you guys got your server key in to your server.cfg if so Il join!


Hey its Kody Again can you update discord invite link I wanna join and ask some questions


yep here:



We are in need of some dispatchers and State Rescue members, if you have any experience in these areas, feel free to join our main discord:


:+1: Thanks @Icey_Kiid