San Andreas State Roleplay [Non-Whitelisted CIV] [Whitelisted LEO] [CAD/MDT] [SCRIPTS] [CUSTOM GUNS] [CUSTOM VEHICLES] [CUSTOM UNIFORMS] Apply Today



Important Links:

Discord Server -

Website -

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SASRP has multiple departments that are stated below,

Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office (LASD Based)
Los Santos Police Department (LAPD Based)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (CHP Based)
Paleto Bay Police Department (Sam Ramon PD Based)
Sandy Shores Police Department (Dublin PD Based)
Rockford Hills Police Department (Beverly Hills PD Based)

Some of SASRP’s Server Sided Mods:
Police Interaction Script (Pull Over AI)
Time Sync (vSync)
Two Radar Systems
ELS Vehicles
LSPD, LSSD, PBPD, SPD, etc… Uniforms
Glock 17 and Sig Saucer firearms for LEO’s
and more!

Apply today! We are looking for more members in the Law Enforcement position.


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