San Andreas Dept. of Public Justice Roleplay Community (Working ELS) (Serious Roleplay)



San Andreas Department of Public Justice


Who are we?

San Andreas Dept. of Public Justice Roleplay Community is serious, dedicated, Family friendly, and advanced Grand Theft Auto 5 emergency services community. We offer the San Andreas County Police Force, San Andreas Fire Services, San Andreas Operational Communications Centre and the Civilian Operations Command.

What makes us unique?

Our community offers features most communities do not have. Some of these are but not limited to; ELS, Realistic Departments, Patrol divisions, and a family like community.

Specialist Roles Offered

  • General Investigation Service [SACPF]
  • Integrated Drug Unit [SACPF]
  • Integrated Special Operations [SACPF]
  • Wildlife Operations [SACPF]
  • Correctional Services [SACPF]
  • Traffic Services Unit [SACPF]
  • Aviation Regiment / Marine Area Command [SACPF]
  • Police Dog Service [SACPF]
  • Strategic Response Unit [SACPF]
  • Public Order Riot Squad [SACPF]

San Andreas Fire Service Specialist Roles

  • Medical Examiner
  • Life Flight Operations
  • Hazardous Area Response Team
  • Rescue Squad
  • Fire Marshal’s Office

Communications Specialist Roles

  • SA. Air Traffic Control

** Below are some photos of our vehicles and accomplishments, these will be updated daily.**



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