San Andreas Department of Justice



Welcome to the San Andreas Department of Justice, we are a police,fire,ems even civilians roleplay server. We offer all departments so there’s no restrictions… Please have any suggestions let us know we like to hear from the Fivem Community.


So what is available to you in our clan?

Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Fire and EMS for County and City
Communcations | Dispatch Department
Civilian Life

Our Sub Division
Traffic Enforcement (TE) - Peforming Speed Traps and DUI stops to ensure the streets are safe (LSPD,BCSO,SAHP)
Gang N Narcotics Unit (GND) - Cracking down on street gangs and Narcotics , We offer that to both Agencys LSPD and BCSO
Avavation Unit (AU) - With this divisio is to provide the officers with in air support also work closely with our Marine Division(LSPD,BCSO,SAHP)
K9 Division - Responble for safe keeping our K9 dogs and providing our agency with assistance that require K9 Services. (LSPD,BCSO,SAHP)
and more to come with your suggestions to add next…

Our Vehicles
LSPD,BCSO - Charger
Traffic Enforcements - Unmarked Mustang
and many more…

Who are we?
Looking to join a serious roleplay server to have fun on? Tired of random public users joining in and trolling you while you try to RP? Ever been blown up by a cow with a rocket launcher? Well then look no further than SADoJ, the future of FiveM roleplaying.

We here at the San Andreas Department of Justice wish you a warm welcome to our humble recruiting post. We invite you to come and view our discord server so that we may talk with you and get to know you better, as well as get you an application: Note however, that we primarily use TeamSpeak for patrols and our main form of communication. Discord just makes it easier for us to know when you are around and available to talk with a staff member. So pop on in and tag an online admin, there is always at least one online at any given point of the day. Or you can visit our website and submit a application then a admin or application staff will review it.

You can expect high quality training from a thoroughly vetted Field Training Officer and our various administrators. We will not leave you unsure of how to handle certain situations, and will always equip you with the proper tools and knowledge to get your job done. Come be a part of a growing community with plenty of leadership opportunities, we are constantly on the lookout for and rewarding excellent performance. We hope to drive an innovative change in the way roleplaying is done, to deliver the highest quality experience for our members.

Ask one of our admins how you can become a beta tester for upcoming changes to our server.


I like the detail, maybe put the links at the top so it is easier for people to find it. Just a suggestion!


Thanks for the suggestions i like it did it :smiley:


Discord invite expired



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