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This post has been shutdown

I’ve sorry to say but most of you probably don’t care but I’m shutting down Los Santos Township. I might open up a new one later in a year or two, or even the next GTA but I’m closing down the community.

If a admin can please delete this post please do

SAPRP | Looking for High Ranking staff | Hiring High Ranks! | Custom Scripts / Cars / Peds | New Well Established Community
I am A developer looking for a server

Date: 04.03.18
To: All FiveM Members

We have just made our new website (not final) but it will be the place holder til we can afford a nice one.


Please tone it a bit down with the bumps, no need to bump your topic every couple of hours or so.


I wasn’t trying to bump the post, but I’ll stop posting for about 12 hours.


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We’re still looking for active members and department leaders.

ELS Server Side Test
We’re looking for random people to join the server to test how the server-sided ELS is, if anyone would like to join.


We now have our brand new VPS server up and running with our new 24/7 server!

Future Plans for this Summer:

Fully custom cop cars (Non-ELS Custom Made by XBR410)
Fully custom fire rigs (This will be a while)

Populated server


Drove down to Sandy Shores to take the Stang out for a ride but it started raining…


Still looking for members!


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Still looking for active members to run my server with me!


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We’ve added a “anyone can be a cop” selection for people that are wanting to be a “free” cop but you’re also restricted to things a paid cop is allowed to. If you’re interested in joining you’re always welcome! Discord in forum post


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We’re still looking for new active members! We have a new SAHP Director


Our promotional video!

Our new promotional video just came out! We’re also still actively looking for new department leaders and active members!

Our new texture pack being made for our vehicles!

Based off Middletown Twp. NJ.

((Still looking for members))


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Updated the server with new scripts and updated the forum post


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Still looking for active members for this summer of 2018!


Still Looking for High ranking officials in all departments!



Still Looking for members! Join the Discord and have a chat!

We’ve updated the post!

Our newest member to the Los Santos Fire and Rescue fleet! Thanks to XBR410!

We have recently added in tones of new vehicles, Still looking for loads of high ranks to fill, come in and have a chat!

Please join our discord for an interview!

We are now working on the new Teamspeak, a definite upgrade from our discord!


Last warning, please tone it down with the bumps, bumping every 2 hours is just spam.

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I’ll let him know,

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So am I not allowed to post updates or?


i mean are you really updating ever 2 hours? plus it is just non stop spam


Let’s just drop it here. We will stop updating the forum we will do once a day updates.