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If anyone has time and could help with this, then my server will be complete. It is my /onduty script i got made that worked on CitMP but does not work on FX and i cannot for the life of my find someone that can help. If you have time, i dont mean to be a bother. Thanks so much.wk_teams.rar (1.8 KB)


Why doesn’t the script work? Are you getting an error? If so, what’s the error? It may be a simple tweak we can teach you to fix.


Cant actually answer that because the hosting sites webconsole doesent work anymore so i cant see errors when starting. But in game if i do /onduty police… it says /onduty entered. but nothing happens and my name doesnt turn into [Police] Chris handsome like it should.


@xlxAciDxlx Hey, would you be able to help over discord or teamspeak or skype. This is the last step for my server. Today i already fixed my /plate, /run, and /id myself but this i cannot do.


What is your discord? I can try and fix it really quick.

#6 Sorry im late


did you get this fixed? Mine isn’t working either


join and ill send working one.
im chris handsome