Resource containing paths / ynd files?


I’m trying to configure custom paths. But as a test, I took the default paths.rpf and tried to load it instead on my map.meta. Did not manage to get traffic (cars) to appear.

How I tried:

  • Put paths.rpf in my resource, and then reference it in my images.meta instead of the default rpf. (Also add the rpf to the files directive in __resource.lua)

  • Take all the *.ynd files and put them in the stream folder, then remove the default rpf reference in images.meta

Both results yield empty roads.

But keeping the original reference to platform:…\paths.rpf works and traffic appears.

Can any dev please response



i would like to use the .YND with the .YMAP but impossible to get some informations in the wiki of FiveM.

Some helps from someone please ?