Reshade & SweetFX doesn't work after new update!



Hello FiveM commuinity! I know ENB is on the blacklist but Reshade and SweetFX worked fine for years. Now after the new update i load today, my Reshade & SweetFX doesn’t work anymore. Is this just a bug or is it on the blacklist like ENB? Hope you can help me.

Btw. i put the files into my FiveM folder.


Not a bug in FiveM, this needs fixing/changes in the external product.

See this:

Again, FiveM is meant to work with an unmodified base game. Modifications that hook into FiveM have nothing to do with the project itself, you should look for support with the developer of said modification.

  1. FiveM may allow use of content (hereafter “Mods”) meant for the Dependent Products that has
    not explicitly been developed for use with FiveM and/or the Game Services
  2. Mods may cease functioning at any time for reasons including Updates, changes in the Game
    Services, and/or other unforeseen changes by the Users, and/or authors of the Mods and/or
    Dependent Products.

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