Requesting non els firetruck


Hi my name is Adam and I LOVE fivem, its a great roleplay experience for one of my favorite games. I enjoy the fire/police roleplay communities the most because they are always so close together and really enjoyable. I am currently a high school student who is in the fire department through the junior program and am looking into being a career firefighter. I brought this up because thr one thing that Fivem does have is good non els firetrucks (cant find any that is). I am putting this request to see if anyone has good quality ENGINES, please if you have anythong that you feel could br useful let me know

I am not looking for this model

More like this(obviously not els)

-any help would be greatly appreciated


This is NOT a FiveM feature request. Read the category descriptions before posting.

Moved to #development:scripts


This isn’t exactly FiveM related. Your best bet is asking on the mod websites, like lcpdfr or gta5mods.