Requesting help setting up hosted


Can I get someone to add me on steam and help with setting up scripts/mods on a Zap hosted server via the FTP?
My steam name is Chaka. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.


If you’re paying for a host, why not ask them for help? (Not being rude)


Ya, gotcha I did ask and they told me they don’t mess with that stuff but it is possible. I also figured it out by searching for FXserver tutorial on youtube.


I’d switch hosts then… I’d never go with a host that can’t at least help me figure something out for a service they provide, but they again they are dirt cheap so that’s probably why.

Glad you got it sorted out, regardless. :slight_smile:


Hey, I run around from server to server helping people who need it. I’m willing and able to help you if you still need it!


Sure I could use all the help with this I can get. Now the dang server won’t start. I added a table to the mysql database for the police mod and I’m getting errors in the log now and it won’t launch properly. Feel free to add me on steam@Chaka or link me a discord


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