I am for someone who can convert a gta iv mod to gta v. I found a fire engine I would like to have in my server.
here is a link: http://www.gamemodding.net/en/gta-iv/gta-iv-cars/51708-novaya-pozharnaya-mashina.html It would have to be converted to a non-els version if possible.
Anyone willing to do this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.


Not sure how to do it, but if you wanted to take a stab at it yourself:

https://youtu.be/GLbZxzf2A8A - Part 1
https://youtu.be/bAbeTMhfKTg - Part 2
https://youtu.be/P-dbB6sZn24 - Part 3
https://youtu.be/JA25wuxHKrs - Part 4
https://youtu.be/dgOpb8a98S0 - Part 5

There’s a lot of parts, but that’s only because the creator of the videos recorded in small segments.

And of course there’s always the possibility of someone doing it for you, but in case no one steps up, I figured these would help! xD



^^ Or you can buy one for 35-40USD


thank you… I sent them a message through messanger


np, they only use ELS so just warning u


ty… I will keep searching. but I may have to convert to els since most releases for fire and ems are going that way