[REQUEST] Voice Channel


Hello. Im looking for a Plugin, wich allows me to change the Channels.
For Example:
Police can talk to all other polices ( better with radio sounds )
Emergency can talk to emergency and police Channel.
Civilians can create groups or companys, so they should be able to geht theyre own Channel.

Option 2 is gta5voice.net. is it possible to make it for fivem? If yes how?.

Thank you!


Just use teamspeak/discord simple and easy and let people ask u to make them their company channel


-.- We already do, but we want use ingame channels!


I could try to do something for you, but I need more informations.

What are you using for player roles?

How exactly should the script work? (for example: every one can talk to everyone, but if a cop presses a button he is just able to talk to other cops, if he presses another button he is just able to talk to paramedic …)


well for the start i think about one channel. Connected with Police and Medics


And what are you using to set player roles?


im unsing vrp from duko, they can create a company. if they wish i will give them a channel. if its possible of cause ^^


okay i changed to ESX server system.