[REQUEST] Show rules on login?


Hello! I’m looking for a script that shows a square on the screen with the server rules when a new player joins, it should have two buttons (accept/decline). On the top it should say like “Welcome to…” and then space for rules. When a player press the Accept button (this means that they accept the rules) the square disappears and the player are let into the server, but when they press the decline they will be kicked from the server. So there is no way to bypass the rules. Maybe a complicated explanation to a easy script, but maybe someone could make this for me or link an existing script. Thanks!


You could try and edit some of the following, grab code from them, read them etc. and make it your own. Just don’t release without all perms.

This has the server kick function you want :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks, it looks to be what i want. I have sent a message to one of the creators to see if its possible to fix this.