[Request] Policejob_esx


Looking for policejob_esx with correct policejob_esx.sql because i tried to put multiply policejobs in my database and it gives me so much errors



here man https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_policejob


have you tried to search on google for esx_policejob?


man you need first reinstall


This section is intended for features for the FiveM client itself, not for scripts. Moving.


When i try to put it in database:

Table ‘zap350104-1.addon_inventory’ doesn’t exist
[Err] INSERT INTO addon_inventory (name, label, shared) VALUES
(‘society_police’, ‘Police’, 1)

The Table “addon_inventory” does not exist


That’s weird. Inventory collum should have be part of the ESX itself. Try to download the latest one and run it’s script again.

Or you can do it manually in the DB