[Request] Basic armed attack animation



Hello everyone, I’m looking for the name of the animation about base attacks when we are armed with an axe / bat or other such weapon.

Example situation: When you tap with a bat on a pole, by left-clicking with your mouse.
A lateral attack armed with a “long” weapon to summarize. I searched in the different lists I have and found only animations related to takedowns and that’s not what I’m looking for.

Thank you in advance to the one who will be able to guide me or help me in my quest!


This is the only list of animations I have. Not sure if you’ve been through it yet.


Thx for your answer, already looked into this list and i didnt find what i’m looking for. I will post tomorrow here a short gif of the animation that i am looking for !

In your list, i searched for (key words) : hatchet / melee / attack and i didnt find the right one, the “basic attack on objects/props”.

Thx again for your answer


Have a look in update\x64\dlcpacks\mpbiker\dlc\common\data\ai\weaponanimations.meta and see if that helps you at all. There are animations in there for the battleaxe and others. Lots of these files spreadout in dlcpacks, I’m not sure there is a single one that contains everything together.


Thanks for your answer, very usefull. I’m giving a look to it ! There’s into, some animations that i didnt tryed.


UP please, if someone can help me.