[Request] Automatic Server Restart


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I am also interested! A restart each 6 or 12 hours would be nice with a restart notification in text chat!


i think its impossible to do

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just make a batch file that will restart your server

start C:\FXServer\run.cmd +exec server.cfg    
timeout /t 7200 >null    
taskkill /f /im FXServer.exe >nul  
timeout /t 10 >null                  
goto loop 

make that your start.bat file if ur using windows it will automatically restart the server every 2 hours

Server restart timer

@Cosharek isnt that time on there for 7200 every two minutes? Also do I replace my batch file in the server files with that one?


7200 in seconds count how much that is and ye make it ur start.bat in your seerver files make sure the path is correct


@cosharek Thank you, you have been really helpful. Is there anyway I could make it so that right before the server restarts it creates an announcement in the server before it goes and switches off?


not really, unless u make a resource that makes an announcment every two hours
but it would be inaccurate


Bump! Any luck with this?



only thing im noticing is that when the server restarts my previous bat file will all my resources loaded in it doesnt close a new one just opens, is there something that im doing wrong ?
thanks in advance,