[REQUEST] Adding animations when doing a job!


Hello world,

Can someone please help me create (or direct me to it if one is already made) to add animation to jobs in my server?

For example My Lumberjac, Fisherman, Slaughterer, and Miner jobs are work perfect, but when the player goes in the circle they just stand there, I want animation to add more to it and also to let the player know that the job or gathering items has been activated.

Thank you.


BUMP. I am still looking for some help on this.


There are tons of animations scripts. Take a look at them and you can easly figure out yourself how to do it.


I thought the animation scripts were for just /emotes etc. So you’re saying there is a way I can add an animation via the job config file?


You just check when the person is in the circle doing his job & and if that is true you add an animation.


I think you would have to go in and change the way the “job” work basically. Like the core module. For example I use vRP. You can go into the cfg folder and change the money, items, appitudes, etc. But that does not change what the job(transformer) does, just what it Gives you. If you can find the core files that include: When a player is within a distance pop up your phone and when the player presses the confirmation button. If you find that, all you have to do is add in a few lines that will play an animation when they are within the distance and press the confirmation button. You would have to make it so if they press a button to cancel or walk away it will cancel the Anim, else youd be stuck in the Anim forever.


Alright thanks guys I had an idea that this would probably be the way to do it but wanted to confirm. Thanks again