[REQUEST] A menu that saves a player's load out server side


  • Hello everyone!
    I hope you are all having a fantastic day today! I was wondering if someone could make a little menu in which you can save weapon load outs into like 20 slots (like Simple Trainer) but it’s server-side and not client-side. The reason is that after our server switch from client-side menus to server-side, no one has been able to save their weapon load outs due to no Simple Trainer, making it kind of a pain to set up all your weapons and attachments everytime you load into the server. If possible make the script save their weapons into either .txt or .json. Also, our server gets max players every day so could it also be optimized so it doesn’t create any extra lag.
    Thank you for reading! I understand if no one makes it but if someone could thank you very much!
  • Tyler AKA PERPGamer