Replaced a PED and it does not load properly


I’m trying to add this ped to my server
but when i try to spawn it in game it gives me a broken model with random textures


What model slot are you trying to replace it with?


I don’t really know what do you mean but i think i found the problem
There are multiple .ydd files as in: lowr head uppr and so on. And i tried with another skin and that one works but it has only 4 files : .ydd, .yft, .ymt, .ytd. So i was wondering is there a way to combine all the ydd files into one?


The ydd files are core for the props, try to get the mp-freemode-online regular character model into an addon stream and put the prop ydd files inside, which almost guarentee’s the props will add to the models. and no, you cannot inter-merge them.


I will try this
Thank you for the reply :smile: