[Releases] Brink's Job for N3MTV (Cash Escort)


(optional) vdk-truck for more realism

Texture Brinks : [Releases] Brink's Job for N3MTV (Cash Escort)

Read the “ReadMe.txt” in download link
Link for the picture logo (250*250):

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sL2CHv3B4e3VtBoogWYGph3aLoQF8-Im

My Discord : https://discord.gg/AQmMpaa

coming soon: Job Pilot this week



you can drag/drop the file and upload it here


the link is in the description of video :wink: sorry i don’t speak very good english :wink:


It’s OK to link to a video to showcase the addon (if it’s something that can be showcased). It’s not OK to only allow people to download the addon through the video.

Also, it would be better if you could provide screenshots of the addon (again, only allowing us to see this through YouTube is a bit of a dick move). Please don’t do this in future :slight_smile:


okey i make a video more fun :wink: i changed the video excuse me i have a problem with my Xsplit recorder




do you have vdk_truck for n3tv ? thx


No problem i put the link five M vdk truck in my topic


Really thanks for sharing!!
Do you know is this job is compatible for ESX?


It’s not compatible with esx


Ok thanks for info :slight_smile:


Hello I am installing jai the 5 point on the map mes when I ve take the service no blue ron how to do please?


How about keeping the conversation in english?


good idea we speak only English now :wink:


Could anyone here share this script as the link is dead ? Thanksss :smiley:


yes i reupload the link now


could you create an esx version?


How Can I get The N3MTV Framework , Or Were can i find it ?


the link it’s update UP


I’ll see if it’s possible maybe in the next days