[Release] z-loadscreen - A Pretty Decent Loading Screen



You can hardly call the author out of line for retaliating when your initial comment was not constructive or necessary:

It is the same as using any other FiveM resource. If you want help, ask for it politely. Don’t come at him like that and expect him to play nice. Configuring it is pretty self explanatory. Replace the logo.png and bg0-7.png with the images you want displayed. Look in the config.js to find where to add your youtube ID’s etc.
Next time you want help or clarification with something, ask reasonably. You won’t make any friends here with that sort of attitude


Update - Documentation Updated

This will help the people that have no idea what they are doing with this resource, hopefully


bud little suggestion you should make a video on how to do it entirely, the video didnt seem to help, i tried adding the files but i seemed of messed up, i wish there was a way you can simplify it.


I mean, this video literally walks-through the whole process Maybe a little fast


it worked :wink: thank you my other question is how do you change the music and the text name at the bottom, if you could make a video on that too that would be great?


Please Scroll Up under configuration


ok i was able to rename the link i guess the title stays my arpee server i dont see those texts in game im trying to change the color of the loading bar and add my own custom pics, i tried adding them in the folder as a replacement BUT it didn’t work did i miss something?


Awesome. Easy to install and configurate!


If your trying to change the color of the loadbar, the config.css is easily configurable under

 --loadbar-color: #ffffff5b;
--loadbar-progress-color: #0000009f;

Also the config.css has helpful comments you should follow to help achieve what your trying to do.

What exactly did you replace? Please, once again, look up at configuration under Add/Remove Images


Great release! I’ve had a few members request a mute button on the loading screen, is that possible at all? Thanks!


Appreciate the feedback, but I would rather keep this loadscreen as clean as possible. You can fork it on github and make a mute button yourself, or just turn down your volume.


Alrighty, thank you :grinning:


How can I change this so it plays a random song each time?


You can make the videoID into an array with all the video id’s and then in your app.js use this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4550505/getting-a-random-value-from-a-javascript-array and replace the var with ${config.videoID} to merge the new var to -> https://github.com/ThatZiv/z-loadscreen/blob/master/app.js#L7


Thanks, that helps alot. I appreciate you!


Nice design
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I love this thank you for making it.


Thanks for the feedback @Parow @NormanC307


You did an amazing job on it I recommended it to a few of my buddy’s they now use it as well.


Amazing Job Dude!

Was wondering how does one change where the load bar sit and where the discord text sits?