[Release] z-loadscreen - A Pretty Decent Loading Screen



Thanks, I appreciate the feedback

@TheJammie image
Just change the link value pair to what you want image


Yeah i understand that.

But what i would like to do is move it fully up atleast a couple of inches.
Move the loadbar down a couple of inches.
And also make the loadbar longer as well cause its a small box right now
And have them so there a little closer to eatch other


I never linked positioning attributes in any config, so you will have to use css


Holy cow, love it @thatziv. First iteration, i’m new to this. Great platform to play with and learn. Thank you!


Nice. Thanks for this.

I liked the swirly things on the previous loading screen i used, so i built them into this one and moved stuff a bit.

(no advertisement intended)


I added the music ID but no music audio, I even turned it up


Is the music copyrighted and/or allow embedding


I just got the remix of the song I wanted so it works now


Hello!! So I was wondering how I let the text instead of the logo.


I’m wondering this same thing. If I delete “logo.png” it breaks everything, but how do I disable it from using the logo image and just use text instead?


I have added over 40+ songs and none are copyright and they allow en


New update thanks to the OP of this pr https://github.com/ThatZiv/z-loadscreen/pull/1

Logo -Text Config. (Pushed to separate branch)

  • Additional config for text is config.js


I get multiple errors trying to start a game, and it all stems from z-loadscreen.

nui://game/ui/root.html:1, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘postMessage’ of null
is one of them, which is often replaced with
Nui://z-loadscreen/app.js:39, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘appendChild’ of null

either one it doesnt let me go past loading in the game.


deleting caches.xml and deleting the caches\game folder stopped remedying this. it used to be able to be fixed, but now it doesnt matter what i do. sometimes, it randomly fixes itself and it continues loading, but i cant bank off that cause it rarely works. I cant join any server that has z-loadscreen.


im missing popup massages … thats a idee


When ever I add any loading screen to my server is just shows the black rockstar loading screen can I please have some help I’ve tried almost all loading screens possible


@thatziv this guy just released your resource under his own name. He says that he made it. He’s a pathetic person that takes other peoples work and releases it under his own name.

If you wanna do something about it, here is the link to the GitHub post. He is posting this in the Swedish community.


It’s ok. As long as he doesn’t release it here, it should be fine. Looking through the code, I guess he added a little spice

to the resource without the correct usage of the native too…https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/natives/#_0xEF29A16337FACADB


Well he did in the swedish community. But I guess you mean in this forum? :slight_smile:
Well, just wanted to let you know!