[Release] z-loadscreen - A Pretty Decent Loading Screen



Thanks, I appreciate the feedback

@TheJammie image
Just change the link value pair to what you want image


Yeah i understand that.

But what i would like to do is move it fully up atleast a couple of inches.
Move the loadbar down a couple of inches.
And also make the loadbar longer as well cause its a small box right now
And have them so there a little closer to eatch other


I never linked positioning attributes in any config, so you will have to use css


Holy cow, love it @thatziv. First iteration, i’m new to this. Great platform to play with and learn. Thank you!


Nice. Thanks for this.

I liked the swirly things on the previous loading screen i used, so i built them into this one and moved stuff a bit.

(no advertisement intended)


I added the music ID but no music audio, I even turned it up


Is the music copyrighted and/or allow embedding


I just got the remix of the song I wanted so it works now


Hello!! So I was wondering how I let the text instead of the logo.