[Release] [YMAP] Xmas Edition



Since when? ;o As long as you have all the interior’s activated via OpenInteriors on single player and you make the xml via map editor in single player and add a tree in the interior that’s activated it will show up via fivem once you convert it. As long as you have that interior loaded on your FiveM server as well, if not the object will be just floating within the unloaded interior. I’ve made it work with a few of mine, one of them being some of the IAA bunkers etc. Just a word of advice :slight_smile:


Oh Sweet thanks because originally they all have trees down but had a few issues i will try that out thank you


because you said XMas not Christmas get it rite grrr


is that the problem really? lol


Works great looking forward to more!


As long as you put a christmas tree prop somewhere in the house where there’s not a current tree you should have no conflictions, otherwise open the map collision up in 3dsmax and start removing the current tree’s and replace them xD


Very nice mate! Thank you


man, what is that prop name i cant find it anywehre




i hope not to me, i just want to add them to certain things i already have built


Oups i Forget, Tanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx very Much!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Hello. Sorry to bother, but would you be able to provide me with the prop name of the christmas lights you used in the map?


there custom Smart one you have to add them your self :roll_eyes:


No, they’re not custom.
@Aaron.Burr xm_Int_Prop_Tinsel_Truck_Command should work if using Menyoo or Map Editor.


My Bad


Don’t you think this is like a bit too early? Other then that great effort on this map!


there about 3 or 4 lol ( nice try tho) lol


Can I ask what light prop is that.


Look no such thing as toooooo early! Merry Christmas!!!


Ah well :stuck_out_tongue: