[Release][WIP] Tom Clancy's The Division-ish HUD


The Division HUD


  • I created a HUD based on Tom Clancy’s The Division HUD, well part of it.
  • This is reformated from ScriptHookVDotNet and probably my first CitizenFX script so please expect bugs
  • Written in C#


  • Dynamic Floating HUD
  • Dynamic Floating Speed-o-meter, only appear when the character is in vehicle

Planned features

  • Inventory HUD with a loot system
  • Gun mods HUD
  • Metric / Imperial Unit in an external config file
  • Abilities, like in the Division


  • Download zip archive attached below
  • Extract it into resources folder
  • Add start DivisionHUD into server.cfg


With CItizenFX

With ScriptHookVDotNet (For Single Player of course)


DivisionHUD.zip (5.8 KB)



Would you like me to move this to the releases section?


Yes please. Thank you.


No problem I got it moved for you. Have a nice rest of the day.


Nice job :slight_smile:


hmm cool script


Ah, another SSC bug. Added to the todo list!


Everytime I think of an Idea like ohh that would be sick I keep these thoughts to myself but I swear yall inside my head yall need to gtfo of my head cause you keep releasing shit I think would be dope lmao and clearly it is dope asf good job man glad you did this :smiley:


Is there any temporary fix for this at this time?


Directly calling natives in the worst case. Generally, the CitizenFX API. class is recommended for that, as it’s type-checked and has some runtime acceleration.


can u release the source code ?


Oh wow, this looks great.


I want to try to improve it :blush:


There you go. I posted it under Source Code tab.


Thanks :smiley:
20 charac


I have a great idea for this


Feel free to list it out. I will see if I can do it