[Release] Webmanager v2 DISCONTINUED


Do all the other functions work? Is it just the kick function that you’re having a problem with?


all it dose is shou the server is online and i can login to the api bit and thats it


then I would look at your RCON password configuration. It sounds to me like you’re not able to do anything via rcon.


the rcon password is the same on both so i dont know whats haperning


If I get a chance tonight, I’ll install it and see if I can duplicate your issue.


ok thanks hopefuly we can sort it i dont get what i don wong


i still need help pls help me


its probably just sending the wrong command to the gameserver.
lines 187 and 201in the /acp/players.php file. maybe the rcon commands are different from whats in the file.
i have to check after work


btw i fixed the headers already send thingy with @schwim’s example code


How Do I Put This On a Website


Follow the readme on Github:


Any idea on when the start/stop function will be available ?


(20 char limit…)


ban is not working… the client is just crashed using esx


Hey I Need Help With It ATM If We Can Get In A Call On Discord That Would Be Nice, Add Me As A Friend KobraxPlayz #0237


Is there something that I am doing wrong because no matter what I do it still will not let me login https://gyazo.com/3fd50c06dc6f5595c5bd0c229b3cd7fa


Did you hash your password?


Like this?
https://gyazo.com/26c28cf9cc3c4ec53c623c18b06592ef It still doesn’t work


Nevermind im stupid lol I got it thanks


Please Can I Have some help, am having a problem where I put it on my website and it says the server is offline but it is started on my VPS and I have setup the config how it has told me to in the instructions